Loch View Caravans First Year

Its passed so quickly!! Coming from a Family who have had caravans all their lifes, our first year in business was great. So this would be a good time to say thanks to all the wonderful people who have stayed in our Van in 2016. Weve been lucky this year with the weather, nearly everyone has enjoyed good weather, I think that was with the exception on me and hubby. We went up around June time and it rained like we would need to build and Ark!! also not the best when you travel on his Motorbike, so we had a very soggy holiday, but as Hubby is from Scotland and its is my prefered home, but we still enjoyed the trip :)

So at the moment we are looking at winding the van down, however, if you're planning a cozy get away for Christmas or New Year, please do let us know. I may try and persuade Hubby to spend Christmas there if you do want to. As long as he has his Turkey He'll be happy :)

There should be Entertainment laid on in the Resturant for New Years Eve, so do please contact us soon if you might require a Festive stay :)

So heres to the Second Year, and as always we always welcome comments to see how we can improve your stay, so if you have any fantasic ideas let us know :)

But for now... :)