Loch View Caravans Second Year

So as we move into our 3rd Year, it’s been an interesting time with a load of new Clients coming from abroad which did change things with us a little. The feedback we've had from our overseas Friends is that although they loved the Caravan, the area, Scotland etc. they needed more heat! So early last year we installed a new gas Fire in the Sitting room although the picture wont reflect this yet, but hopefully it will in the coming weeks.

We were also made aware of the Decking and how it can be a little slippy underfoot if we have had heavy rain so once again we put a plan into action and covered the Decking in Astroturf so no more slippy feet :) 

Booking have been coming in for 2018 but also 2019 which surprised us! So long may it last.

Opening over Christmas and New Year can be difficult for us as the Caravan Heating has to be maintained 24h a day at 15 Degrees which is a massive outlay just in case someone stays. So if you do plan a Break over Christmas and New Year like we did we last year, it was Superb! We had a BBQ at the Hut, Fireworks at Midnight, it was Minus 2 and we all loved every minute of it. So if you do plan it, let us know in plenty of time J

Until next time J

Tracey LVC